A neurobiological study from the University of California confirms that riding a motorcycle is healthy, both physically and mentally. Reduce stress

Riding a motorcycle improves physical and mental health, says this study

To the bikers you read us , this news will not surprise you too much. In the face of stress and day-to-day monotony , everyone has their methods of disconnection and relaxation. Some people like to take a walk in a natural environment, others prefer to do some sport that significantly increases the heart rate and others evade the routine, the problems and the pressure of their boss riding a motorcycle .

We no longer speak of the experience of those who have tried it, but of the data collected by a neurobiological study carried out to more than 50 people by the UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) funded by the legendary American brand Harley-Davidson . And the best part is that it has several advantages besides reducing stress.

The research team recorded the brain activity and hormonal levels of all participants before, during and after driving his own motorcycle, driving a car and taking a break.

"The differences in the neurological and physiological responses of the participants between the driving and other activities measured were quite pronounced," stated the Dr. Don Vaughn , neuroscientist who led the case. "This could be important to mitigate daily stress."

Study results

  • Riding a motorcycle reduced stress hormone markers by 28%
  • On average, driving a motorcycle increased participants' heart rate by 11% and segregated adrenaline levels by 27%, similar to performing light exercise
  • The sensory approach was improved. driving a motorcycle instead of a car
  • Changes in brain activity during motorcycle riding represented a higher alert state, similar to after having a coffee

Personal opinion

Those who you follow me on social networks you know that from time to time I mention something about motorcycles or, directly, upload an image. I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 15 years old and although I do not do it every day, but I do it for enjoyment some weekends, after more than a decade, I still notice something "special" when I I fasten the helmet and I start a motorcycle.

It's difficult to express but, although it sounds like a topic, the relaxation and the feeling of freedom you feel with a motorcycle flowing between curves of a road cleared of traffic is difficult to find with anything else. You go home and, no doubt, you feel much better; more positive . And no, I'm not talking about going at a very high pace with a sports bike, but at a morally correct speed and practically any motorcycle.

We already talked about it when we made the passionate comparison between a Mazda MX-5 and a motorcycle, in that case a BMW R NineT Racer, article and video that I recommend you to see again.

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