Test (with video) of the new Ford Focus with 1.5 HP Ecoboost 150 HP engine, automatic transmission and Vignale finish. Impressions, behavior, prices, record.

Test Ford Focus Vignale 1.5 EcoBoost 150 hp Auto 8v. (with video)

The Ford Focus first generation came to the market at the end of the last century, in 1998, with the difficult role of succeeding the Ford Escort that had made so many good moments to the American firm. He did not disappoint and contributed a great breath of fresh air to the company thanks to a totally new and characteristic design, as well as to use technologies and solutions where a clear leap was appreciated.

20 years passed since that first Focus of rounded shapes landed until the signing of the blue oval began the commercialization, a few months ago, of the Ford Focus fourth generation ; model that today stars in these lines. In Actualidad Motor we have already tested it and we are going to tell you to its last detail, driving it in Vignale finish and with the new 150 HP EcoBoost engine , associated with an automatic transmission of 8 gears. p>

Ford Focus Vignale, the most elegant ending

As we normally do in the test articles, let's start talking about the exterior aesthetics of this new Ford Focus. In this case, although the new features of the model are quite appreciable, especially by the headlights and light pilots, it is easy to recognize it as a Focus for some of its similarities with the previous model.

Before entering fully I would like to remind you that this model is only available in body saloon , but soon a family body will land. In addition, we can choose between different endings that offer a very different image to this compact. The ST-Line conveys a more youthful and sporty aesthetic, the Active commitment to a more adventurous image with greater ground clearance and protections at the bottom and, finally, the Vignale finish -the one we have tried- looks for greater elegance.

The dimensions of the Ford Focus are 4,378 mm in length , by 1,825 of width (without mirrors) and 1,471 height, with a battle of 2,700 mm. Only the dimension of the wheelbase changes considerably compared to its predecessor, something that is noted, as we will see later, in the habitability of the rear seats. The family Ford Focus maintains 290 mm increase in overall length and 23 mm in body height.

The Vignale finish of the Ford Focus is focused on a type of customer looking for a more elegant and select aesthetics . This is achieved through the use of decorative elements where chrome details abound, such as the specific grille with a special interior screening, the outline of the lower air intake that also surrounds the fog lights, the rims, the edges of the windows or, in the rear part, the false escape outlets. The inscriptions "Vignale" also appear on the front flaps and in the tailgate.

It has struck me especially-and not for good-the lower part of the rear bumper, where the two alleged escape exits appear. In many cars two exits of escape are simulated, but really these are behind the bumper and pointing towards the ground.I think they have complicated life too much and, to my taste, they have not succeeded ...
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In these three images we see the way in which the Ford Focus Vignale has resolved its lower back. False escape routes, but only half ... One is real, the other is not. #ford #fordfocus #vignale #cars #carstagram #carsofinsta ​​p>

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Higher quality also in the interior, where everything is at the order of the day

And continuing with its design, but already seen from the cockpit, we find a well resolved interior . The instrument panel is new and practically identical to that seen in the Ford Fiesta. In the central position a configurable screen for the travel information appears, and you can also see the operation of the driving aids. It is not very technological, but the truth is that I found it quite correct. It is complemented with a Head-Up Display that projects other information so as not to divert the view -using a small crystal-.

The main screen for the infotainment system has nothing to do with the one used in the previous generation of the Focus. While previously it was integrated into the dashboard, it is now shown closer to the driver and in a more accurate position so as not to divert attention from the road. It also has better graphics, management and greater functions. There's no shortage of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto . I especially liked the good visibility of the reversing camera, even at night.

Another point very much in favor is that the new Ford Focus maintains the physical controls for the handling of the air conditioner, being the most logical for its simplicity and ease of use without having to look for it with the look to, for example, raise the temperature by one degree.

Regarding the perceived quality , the parts that make up the interior present a good touch and use very worthy materials, hardly appearing crunching during the march or pressing on the corners of the various pieces that make up. Of course, being the Vignale finish, these finishes and materials are more elaborate. I do not forget other interesting details such as the wireless charging surface for smartphones or the parking brake, which is now electric.

More space for the occupants and a correct luggage compartment

We are still in the passenger compartment, but now focusing on the inner habitability that we enjoy. The seats front , as usual in cars of this category, are wide enough for virtually any size.We also have multiple well-sized holes to place our portfolio, keys, mobile and the occasional half-liter bottle.

We said earlier that the outer dimension that most varied from the previous model was the battle, the distance between the front and rear axles. This is especially noticeable in the interior, where the occupants of the rear seats now get a lot more legroom without them rubbing against the front seat. The width here behind is correct, while the space in height is also very good. Four adults of just over 1.80 will travel comfortably. As is logical, a fifth occupant will compromise much comfort.

The back of the central square hides an armrest with two holes coasters and also a trapdoor that communicates with the trunk, which allows us to transport long objects and thin, like some skis. The only thing we can miss here behind are some central air vents and some USB ports , especially in this top-of-the-range finish. The transmission tunnel is not very intrusive, which is always appreciated.

Meanwhile, the trunk of the new Ford Focus 5 doors is 375 liters , a normal capacity in this category, and the forms are quite useful. If we fold the seats we get a total of 1,354 liters of cargo. In the case of the family body that is about to reach the dealers we talk about 608 liters.

Ford Focus mechanical range

The mechanical offer of the new Ford Focus is currently composed of four power levels in gasoline -100, 125, 150 and 182 HP- and three in diesel -95, 120 and 150 HP -. There are versions with manual transmission of 6 speeds and other automatic with 8 relations, but the traction is always to the front. At the moment no hybrid or electric variant is sold. It is expected that in this same year 2019 makes its appearance a new Ford Focus ST, which will exceed 250 HP of the previous model that we tested here more than 2 years ago. Later a Ford Focus RS should arrive, or we want to imagine.

The 1.5 EcoBoost of 150 HP on paper

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, our test unit corresponds with a Ford Focus Vignale that uses the 150 HP EcoBoost 1.5 engine and the 8-speed automatic gearbox, which is a torque converter type. This version develops the 150 HP at 6,000 rpm , and a maximum torque of 240 Nm from 1,600 rpm. The combined consumption approved is 6/100 km.

According to official data, its maximum speed is 206 km/h and it can complete the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds.

At the wheel: Aplomado, agile and very effective, although with some detail that could be improved

Now I'm talking about the sensations experienced at the wheel, I would like to start talking about your engine . Honestly, within a few kilometers of picking up the test unit at the Ford Spain offices, I had to stop, look for information on the unit tested and open the hood.By this I mean that there is no sign of the vibrations, rattles or typical sounds that we can find in other thrusters of three cylinders of the market; so look at how this mechanic is getting . A 10 in that sense to this version.

The 1.5 EcoBoost has a system of disconnection for the central cylinder at times of low load, what that helps reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. When it goes into operation it goes completely unnoticed by the driver.

On the other hand, this engine is not too explosive, betting more on a linear behavior that does not transmit too many sensations and what happens unnoticed. Although I have not tried the other variants, I get the feeling that this petrol engine with 150 HP is the most interesting for most drivers for its pleasant operation.

In our case it is associated with a automatic gearbox type converter with 8 marches prefixed. It is not a fast automatic transmission, rather it is somewhat slow , but it makes up for it with a great smoothness that increases travel comfort, both when starting and when changing gears. For customers looking for a sporty behavior, although we have paddles on the steering wheel , it will not be pleasant, but if you are looking for comfort and tranquility, it convinces.

Of course, continuing with the automatic gearbox, a notable defect is that - at least in the tested unit - it takes too much time to move from D to R and vice versa when required by the rotating knob (there is no traditional lever, but a small roulette). For example, we are going to park, we go from D to R, and it takes longer than expected to reverse the direction. The same thing happens when we put the transmission back in position D.

For the rest, and already on the road, the Ford Focus looked like a car with a very good set-up Our unit, which has adaptive suspension , very well filters the bumps in normal mode, which is the predefined when we start the car, and also offers a good feeling of stability. If we select the "comfort" mode, the tarred suspension becomes softer and on the road it feels like traveling on a carpet.

When we move to Sport mode , the gearbox lowers a gear, the response to accelerator is more alive, the steering gains some weight and the shock absorbers harden. The general response of the set is quite dynamic, although the explosiveness of the engine and the speed of the change have not invited me too much to use this driving mode. By chassis, it does perform very well when we do a little bit of the rough in curves but, at least in this Vignale finish, I think it's more natural to bet on the "comfort" or "normal" driving mode.

One of the peculiarities of the Ford Focus Vignale is that, to improve the soundproofing of the passenger compartment, it uses double glazing in the front windows.

quite liked that, despite being a compact model of segment C, on the highway gives the feeling of going with a longer and wider car , since it conveys a high sense of stability and poise even at speeds high that is, very good rolling quality.It stands out for its good interior space and high rolling quality . Another aspect to keep in mind is that we can choose between different endings. This, the Vignale, is the most luxurious, but we can also bet on the ST-Line finish for those who like more sportsmanship; or the Active if you are an adventurous person.

I think a couple of points to improve is that it would not be bad one more point of engine explosiveness , something more of character would not hurt, but, above all, the reaction time of the automatic gearbox when going from D to R and vice versa. It is also true that I expected a somewhat tighter consumption. On the motorway at about 120 km/h it is usually around 6.5, while the average consumption that we have obtained throughout the test has been 7.2 l/100 km They are not crazy figures, but they can be improved.

The tested unit is around 27,000 euros according to the brand configurator. It is not a very accessible price, but neither does it seem far-fetched considering that we are facing the highest level of equipment, a mechanical 150 HP, automatic transmission and a large number of optional elements.

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