Byton has shown the interior of his Byton M-Byte at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. The Chinese firm is committed to minimalism in its design.

The Byton M-Byte shows its modern interior at CES in Las Vegas

Byton M-Byte

I'm not going to deny it, we've been talking about Byton models, but I'm looking forward to seeing your vehicles on the streets. Thanks to the CES of Las Vegas we have been able to discover how the interior of the Byton M-Byte will be, the electric SUV of the Chinese firm.

The trend in the design of the Interior of modern vehicles is clear . Clean lines, multitude of touch screens, a minimalist steering wheel and quality materials. Broadly speaking, this is the interior of the M-Byte, which, although it is not surprising to see what is seen in most manufacturers, does provide certain innovations that I am talking about.

Byton M-Byte

Entering fully into the analysis of the front seats, the dashboard is composed of three heights. At the top we can see a large 48-inch screen called " Shared Experience Screen " or SED in its acronym in English. All the information of the multimedia system will be displayed here. It fills me with doubts about how the visibility of the road with such a panel will be right on the front of the vehicle, so it can be seen in the photos, although I sense that it will not be anything serious.

On the other hand, the steering wheel has a built-in 8-inch screen where you can Direct access to different sections of the multimedia system. In my opinion, the steering wheel is less modern than the rest of the cabin, and although the touch screen is implemented in a great way, I think it's too much, because it makes the central part of it too big. On the other hand, I think you could have chosen a more modern geometry for the circumference of Byton M-Byte.

Byton M- Byte

Moving to the central console , we can see another touch screen where we can access different sections, as happened on the steering wheel. It seems to me a correct solution, and I even consider that this panel could replace the one housed in the steering wheel. Going back to the dashboard, I think the lines could be cleaner, without so many heights.

The rear seats are not isolated from all this technology , as they will also have dedicated panels for this area. From here, you can send information to the central screen located on the dashboard to share it with the other occupants. In addition, the front seats can rotate 12 degrees to offer more comfort when it comes to having a conversation with the rear occupants.

Byton M-Byte

The Byton M-Byte will have all the technology available so far to make the journey of its passengers pleasant. From the integration with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa , which will be able to recognize voices and even locate them within the M-Byte, to gestural controls in addition to synchronization with the phone for reminders and information on the vehicle's loading.

In summary, Byton is committed to panels and cleaning as strengths of its M-Byte . Although it looks like a fairly loaded interior compared to Tesla's interior designs, it makes clear what the trend will be in modern vehicles.

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