The Mercedes CLA has been filtered hours before being presented in society. It's a four-door coupe too similar to the Mercedes Class A Sedan.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA is filtered, and it's time to play to find the differences with the Class A Sedan

Filtering Mercedes CLA lateral

It's been many years since brands started betting on common designs in their products, scaling them in size depending on the model. Brand image, they call it . Thus, to give just one example, it is difficult to differentiate a Mercedes S-Class from a Class C. The same happens in many other brands. Today has filtered the new Mercedes CLA , which will be officially unveiled in just a few hours.

It is a highly anticipated model, as within the compact range of the German firm The CLA is the most sporting of all. The fact is that we had our doubts about how it would look , because the Mercedes Class A Sedan presented in 2018 already brings a very dynamic line. Having seen, it seems that the history of the Mercedes CLS and AMG GT 4-door is repeated at a lower scale, with the Class A Sedan and the new CLA .

Filtering Mercedes CLA front profile
Mercedes Class A Dynamic Sedan

Playing the differences with one and another model , we see that it could practically be a psycho-technical test exercise. In the front we appreciate some slight variations in the design of the main headlights and in the double rib of the bonnet in the case of the CLA. The bumper, on the other hand, is very similar; like the shape of the main grill.

We do not have any images from the back of this Mercedes-Benz CLA that will officially be released in just a few hours at CES in Las Vegas, but from the lateral . In this plane we can differentiate them in that the shape of the roof and the windows in the case of the CLA are somewhat more arched-but still difficult to find the variations, ending in a very similar behind.

Filtering Mercedes CLA interior

The images of the interior they allow us to corroborate what we already expected: no changes . It is true, the arrangement of controls, screens and virtually everything is identical to the rest of the new models of the company. However, we understand that the Mercedes CLA, because it is more sporting, will have elements (very likely optional) that distinguish it and provide that plus dynamic pursued.

According to the source , the version we see in the image corresponds to the Mercedes CLA 250 , with a 2-liter turbocharged petrol, giving a 224 HP and 350 Nm . We do not know which engines will arrive to Spain from this new CLA, but we think that the variants with greater power will be sold , to avoid in a certain part the cannibalizations with the Class A and grant that extra distinction to the CLA. We hope that later you will land a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG with more than 400 HP to make things difficult for the Audi RS 3 Sedan.

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