Leapmotor, a Chinese company dedicated to electric vehicles, will collaborate with Razer in the manufacture of the lighting of its models.

Razer teams up with Leapmotor to illuminate its cars

Razer Leapmotor

The world of technology is closely linked to that of cars . This is not because I say so, but it can be easily checked at fairs like the CES in Las Vegas, which started today with an exit grid where processors and electric vehicles can fit.

Razer is one of the best and most recognized hardware manufacturers in the world of computers, especially in the field of video games, and its Chroma range allows players to customize the lighting of their peripherals to your pleasure.

Razer Leapmotor

It's not strange to see business collaborations dedicated to the world of technology with car manufacturers . This is what Razer has done with the Chinese company Leapmotor. Illumination and digital displays.

That's why Leapmotor has relied on Razer to supply its models with Chroma technology . This system goes beyond a simple RGB configuration of LEDs, but allows users to adjust different scenes and synchronize different devices using the same lighting pattern.

Razer Leapmotor

"Razer Chroma is the RGB personalization platform The largest in the world, and I am pleased to announce that Leapmotor, China's new electric car company, will also integrate Chroma into its vehicles, "said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, in a tweet.

Yes, we agree that perhaps it is not the biggest innovation in the automotive market, and that it is also not the most useful nor necessary, but it is never too easy to offer personalization for the products purchased by the companies. users . A success if you collaborate with one of the leading manufacturers in the computer industry.

Of course, seeing this scenario we are assailed by a doubt ... Can we see Chroma technology in other types of products? beyond vehicles or computer peripherals?

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