The Lexus RC 300h has just received an update. We already have the prices and equipment of this sporty hybrid coupe of 223 HP.

The Lexus RC 300h is also updated: Equipment and prices

Lexus RC 300h dynamic

If yesterday we brought you all the prices of the newcomer to our country Lexus ES, today we have to talk about the equipment and prices for the updated model hybrid coupe of the Japanese firm. We refer to the Lexus RC 300h, which has just received a restyling to improve some aesthetic, technological and functional details.

The aesthetic update from abroad has sought to more closely resemble this model with the coupe of reference in the brand, the LC. It retains the original base of the RC, but has become a little more acute to create greater aggressiveness and elegance . Although it is a really comfortable car to travel, inside try to maximize driving pleasure with its layout and design of buttons and driving controls.

Discuss the Japanese company that some of the dynamic changes carried out for this Model Year 2019 have gone through the recalibration of the suspensions, the feel of the steering, the response of the engine and some variations in aerodynamics and tires.

The Lexus RC 300h is a coupe de very sporty and technological aspect , with a really striking design, which uses a self-reloading hybrid propulsion system. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain an approved mixed consumption of 5 liters per 100 kilometers in a vehicle with this dynamic appearance.

As you know, it combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders -that works in Atkinson cycle- with an electric propeller. The total power of the set is of 223 CV , developing 181 CV the thermal engine and 143 CV the electric propeller of individual form. Use an E-CVT gearbox and the traction is rear .

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